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    Yorgos Avgeropoulos

At a time when Europe is going through a crisis that is not solely economical but also a crisis of moral values, millions of European citizens demand a response to a crucial question: is water for the European Union a commercial product or a human right?
quotes on agora
Thomas Schneider Journalist, Haus des Dokumentarfilms
" Perhaps the most important documentary of the year. "
Orlando Pascheit Journalist, NachDenkSeiten
" It would be nice if our government team would take the time to look at such films in order not to lose touch with reality – in order to remember that the aim of its policy is to prevent such conditions instead of causing them. "
Costa-Gavras Director
" Cinema is valuable when it is national, when it comes from the soul of a country. Recently I was not impressed by a film, but rather by the documentary film AGORA. "