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    29 Days

    It has been called the “Rebellion of Dignity”. The spark that was set off by the self-immolation of a 26-year-old in a Tunisian provincial town spread like fire in the entire country. The cry of the Tunisians who demanded freedom and fought for their right to work shook the entire world and gave, once again, a historic role to optimism. Ben Ali, the once almighty dictator, fled the country and his corrupt regime was unmasked. The first revolution of the 21st century is a fact and the Arab world will never be the same again.

    “29 Days” goes back to the beginning, to the roots of the “Arab spring”. Through the soul-stirring testimonies of those who were in the middle of it and the rich archive that they salvaged from the period of the uprising, the documentary presents the chronicle of the 29 days that changed the course of history.

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    49 Words for Snow

    The planet is suffering from high fever and its thermometer can be found in Greenland. In this vast land of ice which is now melting at a great speed (248 cubic kilometres of snow each year) all that we hear on the news and read about in the newspapers constitutes the everyday life of its few inhabitants.

    The Inuit, better known to us as Eskimos, watch helpless as their life changes dramatically and their Arctic civilization receives what is probably the worst blow in its centuries long, frozen history. Traditionally hunters and fishermen, they watch as their pray disappears and their moving about becomes more and more dangerous due to the fragile ice and the unexpected weather changes.

    The creators of this penetrating documentary spent weeks in isolated communities in Greenland, recording the life of the native Inuit. They also present new climate research results, more pessimistic than ever, while uncovering the new and regrettable “el dorado” of oil companies who are preparing to drill for black gold in the planet’s most vulnerable area.

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    Bullying Diaries

    Bullying used to be dismissed as a bit unfortunate, but mostly harmless and finally unavoidable part of growing up. Most people tend to recall teasing and fighting in the school playground and the neighborhood, even somewhat nostalgic. Is there, however, a certain point those common jokes and pranks between children stop being all that funny? Indisputably, yes.

    Filmed in Greece and UK, Bullying Diaries is a vivid documentary, giving a chance to boys and girls that have experienced bullying, either as victims or perpetrators, to speak out. Aiming to raise public awareness with regards to the phenomenon, it explores the root causes of the problem, hoping that the often vicious cycle of bullying could break. Are we willing to listen when the children are talking?

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    Death in the Land of the Fur

    Since 2003 Arab paramilitaries known as “Janjaweed”, along with the Sudanese army, have been regularly conducting raids against revolted African tribes in the Darfur province, in the west part of Sudan. So far more than 2.2 million people have been dislocated from their villages and have become refugees and more than 300.000 people have been murdered. Yorgos Avgeropoulos records – in some cases “legally”, in others “illegally” – death and persecution in the context of a relentless civil war. A war that began in the form of a small scale conflict over some land and water, as a consequence of climate change. “Aided” by the country's dictator, President Bashir, it has turned out to be one of the most savage of today's wars; a tragedy that, while unfolding right before the eyes of the international community, seems to be well hidden behind the desert dust…

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    Delta – Oil’s Dirty Business

    At the Delta of the Niger River in Nigeria, where a vast proportion of the planet's oil is excavated, bomb attacks, abductions and murders form part of the daily routine. The documentary portrays the image of “development”, as giant multinational petroleum companies would define it. Petroleum leaks in the River destroy the flora and fauna, poison the food chain and consequently wipe out the 27 million indigenous people of the area – the Ijaws, the Ogoni and the Itsekiris.

    The inhabitants dare to ask the self-evident, they demand an end to it. As a response they are being massively and brutally attacked by special forces of the army and the police, which are armed by the oil companies. On the river the camera meets militia of the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta—MEND—and, for the first time, presents to the world shattering images of their speed boat patrols and heavy weaponry.

    The Delta of Niger is a lost paradise. As the documentary reveals, it is a place where despite the natural beauty, contemporary “globalized” hell prevails.

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    Digital Cemeteries

    Computer parts contain toxic and carcinogenic materials. When our favourite pc stops working, it turns into a dangerous electronic waste which must be recycled following rigid specifications. However, instead of managing their own electronic waste, developed countries find it cheaper to export it to poorer nations. In doing so, they force billions of people to choose between poisoning and poverty, while the planet’s seas, rivers, soil and air are being irreparably contaminated. Up to 50,000,000 tons of our “digital civilization” end up illegally in China. In cemetery cities, computers are cut into pieces, rinsed in acid baths and incinerated by legions of impoverished workers and underage children, who tear these parts to pieces with their bare hands for a dollar a day.

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    Dying in Abundance

    “Control oil and you control nations. Control food and you control the people!”
    Henry Kissinger, 1974

    A handful of multinational companies have managed to control the “heart” of the food we put on our table everyday: The very seed and, therefore, global agricultural production. Brokers in the developed world gamble with food, raising and lowering prices, playing with the fundamental right of millions of people to access food. Meanwhile, almost a billion people on this planet are undernourished and 25,000 die of hunger each day. Could it be that the Earth can no longer feed its population?

    The evidence proves otherwise! The food crisis, as it will go down in history, occurs at a time when the planet is producing more food than ever. Filmed in India and the USA, “Dying in abundance” unfolds the absurd before our eyes, the interconnections of a system in which, while there is enough food, it is so expensive the poor cannot afford it.

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    Essence of Another Era

    Trapped between Berlusconi and the Mafia, immigrants in Italy are under persecution. Africans, gypsies, Romanians and Slavs are being targeted. “Outraged citizens” are shooting at Africans, gypsy settlements are being burnt down by the angry mob, Camorra hitmen are shooting black people with no distinction and the city streets are being patrolled by “vigilante” groups in accord with the new anti-immigration law.

    “There has been another moment in Italian history when they country’s security was commended to people who walked the streets wearing shirts of the same color”, says an emasculated left, making clear allusions to Mussolini’s Blackshirts. At the same time, Berlusconi’s Minister of Defense praises the bravery of the soldiers of the fascist regime, and Gianni Alemanno, once a member of a neo-fascist party, is elected mayor of the Eternal City.

    Where is Italy heading?

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    Gaza we are Coming

    August 2008, two small Greek fishing boats broke the naval siege, illegally laid by the state of Israel on Gaza, for the first time after 41 years.

    “Gaza We Are Coming” records the historic and risky journey of 44 activists from all over the world, who, by breaking the embargo, proved that history is often made by those that the wise and prudent determinists call “unreal”.

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    Life for Sale

    Can you imagine a water market? A market where owners of water stock would buy and sell, while others would profit on its price without needing it? What would life be like if all of the planet’s water resources, superficial or subterranean, the waters of rivers, lakes and glaciers, belonged to the private sector?

    “Life For Sale” examines the biggest water market in the world, set up in Chile. Where the country’s water resources do not belong to the state but to private individuals and one company can own an entire river and possess a quantity of water as big as Belgium. A place where water has turned from a public good of life to property and a “water right” can cost as much as a house. Even in the Atacama desert, which is considered the driest place on the planet, the mining companies – big owners of Chile’s longest river, the Rio Loa – draw immense quantities and use valuable water to wash metals, thus condemning thousands of natives and farmers’ villages to thirst and poverty.

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    Muxes of Juchitan

    According to myth, God entrusted San Vicente with a difficult task. On his back he carried a sack full of Muxes, and had to leave one in every town of the Zapotec kingdom. But when the Saint reached Juchitán he tripped, and all the Muxes he carried in his sack fell out. Since then, this town in the South-East of Mexico has experienced an unexpected – not only for Mexico but for the entire world – sexual liberation.

    Homosexual men who wish to dress as women freely do so, and live a more or less similar life as their heterosexual fellow citizens. Not only do the Muxes not hide their difference on the streets of Juchitán, they actually project it in every way. Their fellow citizens simply go on their way, not impressed, provoked or angered by the sight of a man in women’s clothes, hairdos and make-up. The Muxes claim they belong to the community of the “intrepid”, of “those who do not fear death”, and celebrate their desire and joy to be women every year in a festivity attended by the whole community.

    In Juchitán, the dream of tolerance and the acceptance of difference has been a reality for years. Without announcements and declarations, without social movements having to fight long and bloody social and political struggles, without conflict and quarrel…

    A documentary on the joy of life and love which prevailed effortlessly because San Vicente tripped…

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    No Place to Stand

    In times of economic recession and crisis, minorities are targeted. The Roma people, the most numerous and vulnerable ethnic minority in Europe, with a population of over 10 million across the continent, have always been an easy victim. Their persecution by the French state in the summer of 2010 brought back memories of past times we thought were never to be repeated. “No Place to Stand” records their fleeing from the country of human rights and the Enlightenment, it follows their tracks back to Romania, the efforts to start their life there over again, and the dead ends that repeatedly set them back on the track of emigration. “No Place to Stand” is the chronicle of a people under persecution.