SmallPlanet Production Services

Quality Production Services

SmallPlanet provides independent producers, news organizations and film-makers with quality production services in Greece and the Balkans.

  • Experienced researchers and fixers can provide you with inside information and arrange everything your story needs.
  • Shoot with our documentary or news crews who can deliver strong footage and stunning photography, with state-of-the-art HD equipment.
  • Go live and tell your story on-the-move when it happens.
  • Edit with fast and experienced editors in comfortable, networked and fully equipped HD suites.
  • Create thought provoking documentaries, news stories, corporate videos and many more, and find exactly what you need all in one place.

And do not forget: We are producers ourselves, like you. We can feel the needs of your production and we can adapt to any budget. After all your success is our goal.


From A to Z

We can take on specific aspects of a project or we can deliver the whole film itself. From the developing of the idea, the research, the scripting, the shooting and the editing, till the final cut and the delivery, Small Planet is your complete production solution.



SmallPlanet provides the best video production crews for documentaries, news, events, independent film-makers, networks, and corporate clients. Since 2002, we have dispatched hundreds of video crews to create documentaries all over the world, or to cover entertainment, hard news, arts, or even war conflicts.

We guarantee state of the art equipment, multiple formats and exacting technical standards paired with our talented, professional crews to insure your production will be flawless, anytime you need them.

Our production managers are available 24 hours so call right now to coordinate your shoots.


Post Production Facilities

SmallPlanet is a busy post production house. Our high end post production facility is based in our headquarters in the center of Athens.

Offering high quality video production, post production facilities we are proud of our reputation for providing clients with a relaxed and comfortable working environment supported by our extensive technical expertise.

Our skilled group of in-house artists combined with our efficient proprietary workflows give you the maximum flexibility you need in every area of post production.

From crisp, nuanced coloring of every frame, to stirring custom music and layered, rich sound effects, our team puts all of the finishing touches you need to make your end product shine.