Bullying Diaries

by Alexandros Chantzis

Bullying used to be dismissed as a bit unfortunate, but mostly harmless and finally unavoidable part of growing up. Most people tend to recall teasing and fighting in the school playground and the neighborhood, even somewhat nostalgic. Is there, however, a certain point those common jokes and pranks between children stop being all that funny? Indisputably, yes.

Filmed in Greece and UK, Bullying Diaries is a vivid documentary, giving a chance to boys and girls that have experienced bullying, either as victims or perpetrators, to speak out. Aiming to raise public awareness with regards to the phenomenon, it explores the root causes of the problem, hoping that the often vicious cycle of bullying could break. Are we willing to listen when the children are talking?

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About This Film

AVAILABLE VERSIONS: English (51min) | Greek (51min)

Directed by Alexandros Chantzis
Script: Georgia Anagnou
Script Editing: Alexandros Chantzis, Yorgos Avgeropoulos
Research: Georgia Anagnou
Director of Photography: Yiannis Avgeropoulos
Editing: Thodoris Popeskou
Music: Yiannis Paxevanis
Production Manager: Anastasia Skoubri
Producers: Yorgos Avgeropoulos, Anastasia Skoubri
Additional shooting in Athens: Yorgos Santamouris
Additional shooting in Norway: Ingse Bjørø Sæthre
Mastering: Yiannis Paxevanis
Translations - Logging: Ioanna Kitta, Ioanna Papadopoulou, Georgia Anagnou, Eleni Gioti
English Adaptation: Thalia Vavaleka
Musicians: Yorgos Katsanos, Fotis Siotas, Yiannis Paxevanis
A Small Planet Production for The Smile of the Child © 2014

About the Director
Alexandros Chantzis

He was born in Agrinion, 1985. He studied at the University of Athens (Department of Informatics and Telecommunications). He has worked for many-a-one theatre productions and a lot of movies (recently as a casting and assistant director in the films Homeland and A Blast by Syllas Tzoumerkas). He directed the short films Student Occupation (2009), Chelsea-Barcelona (2012) and I’ll take a deep breath and I’ll tell you (2013) which participated in film festivals around the world. He also directed the TV documentary film Bullying Diaries (2014, produced by “Small Planet Productions”) which aired on Greek television. His first draft of the feature film project, What a silly boy, participated in the 2014 !f Istanbul-Sundance Screenwriters Lab. In 2015, he directed ten videos for the Onassis Cultural Centre, Greece.

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