Exandas Documentary Series


Exandas is the only Greek documentary series to have received 32 international awards in film and documentary festivals around the world.

Exandas (meaning sextant) was created in 2000 by Yorgos Avgeropoulos. Since then, he and his co-workers have travelled around the globe presenting social, political, anthropological and economic issues which concern all active citizens of our complex, globalized world.

From Tokyo to Argentina, from Afghanistan to Colombia, from South Africa to Iraq and from Chechnya to Haiti, understanding the “other”, the “foreign” and “remote” is for Exandas they key to comprehending “our own”, the nearby and ephemeral.

Exandas constantly aims at speaking in a clear and simple manner about all that is presented in the news in a fragmented way, through reports that usually disappear almost as soon as they appear. A “simple, human story” is often at the centre of a dramatic and perhaps dangerous or “untouchable” subject. But it can also be the occasion for the unfolding of a big crisis, a social problem, a bloody dispute.

With cinematic writing, original music especially prepared for each documentary and a well-structured script, the story usually unfolds on its own, creating a film which records the present and is starred by everyday people.

In thirteen years, Exandas by Yorgos Avgeropoulos has created more than 90 documentaries and has participated in multiple international festivals around the world. Exandas documentaries have also been screened in conferences and collectivities and have been used as educational tools in universities and high schools in Europe and America.

In Greece as well as abroad, the work of Yorgos Avgeropoulos and his coworkers has been acclaimed by audience, journalists and critics alike. It has been awarded 32 international prizes, including the prestigious Silver FIPA Award as well as the Grand Award for Best Film at the Palermo Festival.

In 2007, Exandas was proclaimed “Best Television Magazine in the Mediterranean”, winning the award “Golden Lighthouse”, while earlier, in 2006, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival presented a special tribute, screening 10 Exandas documentaries. Finally, Greek television institution “Prosopa” has declared Exandas by Yorgos Avgeropoulos as the “Best Documentary Series” in Greek television for 7 years.

Since 2003, Exandas has been broadcasting on the terrestrial and satellite network of state-owned Greek television channel ERT, as well as on the public television network of Cyprus (RIK). Exandas films are also screened on many European and American television networks, such as Current TV, Russia Today, ARTE, France O, YLE, etc.