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Are you a pro? Do you work for a TV Broadcaster, a film festival or a distribution company? If yes, then you are entitled for free and unlimited access to our film library.



If you work in the acquisition department of a TV Broadcaster and you are searching for quality and thought provoking content, or if you represent a distribution company, or a film festival, this place is for you! Sign up and request your free access to our entire film library. You can watch in HD quality, every documentary we have created, as many times as you want. New productions are added regularly. While logged in, you can also download press kits, photos and timecoded scripts.

As soon as we receive your request, we will examine it and get back to you the soonest possible!

Thank you!

*Please note that this is an industry - oriented, area of the site. If you are not in this category please visit our e-store