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AGORA - Poster

The Agora (Αγορά) was a central area in Ancient Greece city-states. It was a gathering place, an assembly of active citizens, and the City centre for political, economical, athletic, artistic and spiritual life. It was the heart of Democracy. In Modern Greece, the word Agora has lost its initial sense and it has come to denote solely the place and act of commercial transactions. It is a dominant word in the reality experienced today by Greeks, as the country goes through an economical vortex that devours human lives in its path.

Greece, a symbol for the European civilization because of its Ancient heritage, is experiencing conditions in post-war history that no European thought would face again. Homeless people, soup kitchens, unemployment, poverty, an unsettled social situation, violent conflicts and the rise of the extreme-right. The dream of prosperity has turned into a nightmare and the political scene of the last four decades is crumbling.

Yorgos Avgeropoulos, an internationally acclaimed Greek documentary filmmaker, witnesses the fall. After 13 years of ongoing reporting and documenting global issues around the world, he urgently turns his camera towards his homeland. He records the development of the crisis from its early stage, while tracing its impact on the lives of simple people from all social classes whom he observes over time. He witnesses popular protests in the streets, the development of solidarity movements as well as the rise of fascism, while at the same time he seeks answers from his country’s most significant political personalities, from insiders, analysts and key decision makers from the international political scene.


Versions: 1 X 120 min / 1 X 90 min / 2 X 48 min / 2 X 52 min
Production Period: April 2010 - September 2014
Co-Producers (in alphabetical order): ΑJA (Al Jazeera Arabic), WDR (Germany)


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The Lost Signal of Democracy Poster Small


Bullying used to be dismissed as a bit unfortunate, but mostly harmless and finally unavoidable part of growing up. Most people tend to recall teasing and fighting in the school playground and the neighborhood, even somewhat nostalgic. Is there, however, a certain point those common jokes and pranks between children stop being all that funny? Indisputably, yes.

Filmed in Greece and UK, Bullying Diaries is a vivid documentary, giving a chance to boys and girls that have experienced bullying, either as victims or perpetrators, to speak out. Aiming to raise public awareness with regards to the phenomenon, it explores the root causes of the problem, hoping that the often vicious cycle of bullying could break. Are we willing to listen when the children are talking?

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Written & Directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos

DURATION: 65min (Theatrical) & 52min (TV Version)

It was an unprecedented occurrence in world history. Nowhere and never in well-governed democratic states, had the public broadcaster been silenced in such a manner that was characterized as "autocratic" and “undemocratic”.

Within five hours, on the evening of June 11, 2013, the Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras turned off the switches of ERT, Greece’s public broadcaster, after 75 years of continuous operation. Both TV and radio frequencies fell silent, making screens broadcast black and the FM to buzz.

The closure of ERT was an unheard-of political act that shocked Greek citizens bringing back memories from the dark period of the dictatorship. It also caused a fierce international outrage from all around the world.

Why did the public broadcaster have to die?


Original Shooting Format: HD 1080/25p / Sound: Dolby Stereo / Spoken Languages: Greek, English, French / Subtitles: English, Greek, French / Narration: Greek, French / Small Planet Productions ©2014


RTBF (Belgium), ORF (Austria), YLE (Finland), SBS (Australia), RTS (Switzerland), RSI (Switzerland), TG4 (Ireland), LTV (Latvia), DR (Denmark), NRK (Norway), TVC (Spain), Al Jazeera Balkans.

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DURATION: 57 min.

The exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth is projected as the most reasonable solution to deal with the economic crisis that plagues Greece. The Greek state has ceded its mining rights over 31.700 ha of land in northern Halkidiki, a region rich in gold, copper and other metals, to the Canadian multinational company Eldorado Gold. However, many of the region’s inhabitants, who have been resisting the construction of a goldmine for years, claim that this investment will cause irreparable damage to the environment and the benefits will be fewer than the losses.

“Cassandra’s Treasure” presents a detailed picture of the modern Greek state before and during the crisis period.


Written and Directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos / Produced by Georgia Anagnou / Production Manager: Anastasia Skoubri / Director of Photography: Yiannis Avgeropoulos, Theofilos Dadis / Editing: Vasilis Magos, Anna Prokou / Original Music by Yiannis Paxevanis / Singing by Savina Yannatou / A Small Planet Production for Greek Public Television ERT ©2011-2012


Original shooting format: HD 1080p25 / Sound: Dolby Stereo / Languages: Greek / Subtitles: English

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DURATION: 56 min.

Today, stem cells are virtually presented as a panache, a “miraculous” biological material of the human body which can cure a great number of diseases, from leukemia to Altzheimer's disease. Big enterprises in most countries of the world are encouraging parents to privately store their children’s stem cells, and pay so as to ensure their future as well as that of the family. Where is the line between wishful thinking and reality drawn?



Written & Directed by Yorgos Avgeropoulos / Produced by : Georgia Anagnou / Research: Georgia Anagnou, Thomais Papaioannou / Director of Photoghaphy: Yiannis Avgeropoulos, Alexis Barzos / Research Coordinator : Aggelos Athanasopoulos / Production Manager: Anastasia Skoubri / Editing: Yiannis Biliris, Anna Prokou / Original Music by: Yiannis Paxevanis / Graphics: Sakis Palpanas / A Small Planet production for Greek Public Television ERT © 2009 – 2010


Original shooting format: HD 720p25 / Languages: Greek, French, English / Subtitles: Greek, English / Available Versions: Greek, English, International