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AGORA - Poster

The Agora (Αγορά) was a central area in Ancient Greece city-states. It was a gathering place, an assembly of active citizens, and the City centre for political, economical, athletic, artistic and spiritual life. It was the heart of Democracy. In Modern Greece, the word Agora has lost its initial sense and it has come to denote solely the place and act of commercial transactions. It is a dominant word in the reality experienced today by Greeks, as the country goes through an economical vortex that devours human lives in its path.

Greece, a symbol for the European civilization because of its Ancient heritage, is experiencing conditions in post-war history that no European thought would face again. Homeless people, soup kitchens, unemployment, poverty, an unsettled social situation, violent conflicts and the rise of the extreme-right. The dream of prosperity has turned into a nightmare and the political scene of the last four decades is crumbling.

Yorgos Avgeropoulos, an internationally acclaimed Greek documentary filmmaker, witnesses the fall. After 13 years of ongoing reporting and documenting global issues around the world, he urgently turns his camera towards his homeland. He records the development of the crisis from its early stage, while tracing its impact on the lives of simple people from all social classes whom he observes over time. He witnesses popular protests in the streets, the development of solidarity movements as well as the rise of fascism, while at the same time he seeks answers from his country’s most significant political personalities, from insiders, analysts and key decision makers from the international political scene.


Versions: 1 X 120 min / 1 X 90 min / 2 X 48 min / 2 X 52 min
Production Period: April 2010 - September 2014
Co-Producers (in alphabetical order): ΑJA (Al Jazeera Arabic), WDR (Germany)




For the last 13 years I am travelling the world, filming and bringing to the audience images of an unjust world, dark, tortured, and very often dangerous. I have confronted human despair, hunger, misery, war and death of any kind. I have exposed the greed of governments and multinational companies, promising "development" while bringing poverty and mayhem. However, I have always found resilience, hope and strength.

GAVGERONow, I am filming in my own country: What I have witnessed in Africa, Asia or Latin America is now happening in my backyard. Agora is my personal response to the crisis, a stand I want to make towards injustice. My intention is to give voice to people that cannot be heard.

Since the start of the crisis in 2010, my team of seven people and me have started filming every significant event related to the current crisis, focusing on people's lives, approaching characters from different social classes, witnessing how their lives are changing as time passes by and how the crisis affects them or not. At the same time, we are following the dramatic timeline of the crisis itself, seeking answers from key decision makers, politicians or insiders, in Greece and the rest of the world, recording the parallel rise of fascism and solidarity movements.

The film becomes a quest for the initial meaning of Agora. In Ancient Athens, it was the heart and womb of Democracy, the centre for political, economic and spiritual life. Today, in Modern Greek, the word Agora has come to simply denote a market place.


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