About SmallPlanet

SmallPlanet is one of the most active documentary production companies in Greece.

It was founded in 2002 by producer Anastasia Skoubri and filmmaker Yorgos Avgeropoulos. Their vision is to use documentary film as an international language and contribute to dialogue and a public debate aimed at gaining a better understanding of our world.

SmallPlanet has produced more than 100 films, some of which in the most remote and dangerous places on the planet, awarded with international prizes in numerous film festivals.

The company has collaborated with TV networks in Greece (ERT, Alpha TV), Germany (WDR), France (France TV), Finland (YLE), Denmark (DR), Spain (TV3), Belgium (RTBF), Iran (Press TV), Switzerland (RTS, RSI), South Korea (EBS), Japan (NHK), Canada (ICI Radio Canada), USA (Current TV) as well as international satellite networks such Al Jazeera Media Network and Russia Today, independent producers and NGOs.